Word Cafe is a resource for writers and readers.

Writers can seek information, leave comments and ask for help in those times of writer’s blockage when we could all use a little support or a fresh point of view. Readers can find information and some excellent reading. They can also leave feedback- always welcomed by authors- and ask any questions they may have.

If you love to read or write, welcome to the Word Cafe. Come in and have a look around. You’ll see from the menu that we have a number of tasty treats to satisfy your appetite.

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Library Consultancy  will take you to Netsmart Solutions- a library and information services consultancy established in 1997.
Amuse Bouche. This section shines a spotlight on each of our authors with a little about them and their work or novels.
Book Bites. In this bookshop you will find tasty morsels to whet your appetite for reading. Some very good novels are being offered for sale at reasonable prices and others are free simply because our authors love to write and share their stories.
Tasty Websites. A number of our authors have their own websites. These links will take you to them.
Picnic Area. Bulletin Board. Somewhere for readers and writers to post news and comments and to ask any questions. It is also where Screnziers can keep in touch.
Nibbles. Who ARE these Screnziers? Find out here and read the latest news.