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tanddisFeatured novel. "T.A.N.D.D.I.S."

Title: T.A.N.D.D.I.S.
Genre: Science Fiction
Author- Yvon Hintz

Julia, an amateur ghost hunter, has found a possible haunted location in an old country house...


Prior commitments prevent her from investigating it herself so she sends her cousin Tina and a friend, Chris, to check it out for her. What she does not know is that there are two men who also have an interest in the location.  Not only are they both from another world... but one is a dangerous criminal.

From Chapter 10.

"He lifted his head suddenly as a strong gust of wind made itself heard. 'Listen to that. Are we in for a storm or....'
He never finished the sentence because they all realised at that moment that the sound was coming from within the house... and a moment later a series of steady thumps sounded from behind the closed dining room door.
Chris almost broke a leg getting up from the kitchen chair. He and Tina lunged toward the door knob together and together they turned it. When they looked into the dining room it was cold and dim and not a thing was moving."

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Title: Half Horse Book 1- 'Sierra'
The Quinolan Qhronicles
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Author- Y S Hintz

If you love horses, are young at heart or just like to exercise your imagination, Half Horse is the story for you. Imagine...


a world where half the population is made up of intelligent half-horse beings. Imagine finding yourself stranded there and learning that you must have an owner if you want to stay. Imagine the new sights you will see, the world of new things you will experience, the interesting people - and horses- you will meet. Better still... don't try to imagine it... jump into the world of Half Horse and experience it with Sierra as his adventures unfold.

Cost: Paperback- $30 AUD plus p&p. Colour cover, Illustrated. Black and white. Please use Contact form for now. Limited supply.
This is a large book with small print. It actually contains Books 1 and 2. Once these copies are sold the story will not appear in this form again as I have decided to split the six books into a set of twelve.

Ebook- pdf format free to read.Download pdf

Full colour with many more illustrations-pdf version on cd- $10 plus p&p.

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Title: Wind Gods
Genre: Fantasy
Author- Yvon Hintz

On the peaceful world of Semkiss the Wind Gods hold sway. Most people are happy with the situation. Magic gives them all


they need and they are content to let the Wind Gods set the rules.

But some people question the way of things. While the all powerful, seemingly benevolent Wind Gods often take people to their citadel to cure them... how many actually return?

 From page 291:
“It looks like the only way out, apart from the way we came in,” Dave observed, “so I suppose we should go and see what’s there and see if we can make contact with someone.”
Everyone began to walk, except Trell. Owl hung back to ask him what was wrong.
“Magic,” he said. “The place reeks of it. Something isn’t right.”

Cost- Paperback. Colour cover. $20 plus p&p. Please use Contact Form for now.
Ebook- pdf format free to read. download pdf

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Title: The Angles of Cats
Genre: SF/time travel
Author- Jehni Thomas-Wurth

The Angles of Cats is a time travel story but not a story about ...


the mechanics of time travel or of the sights a traveller to the past or future might see. It is a story of how the ability to time travel affects those who have to cope with it.

David Bradshaw, when we first meet him, seems to have learned to make the best of his inborn ability to hop about in time. He has created a sort of stability for himself within his strange and rather lonely life.

Then he meets Lia and her nine year old daughter and things begin to change. How he deals with what he learns and with what he know he must do is what the story is all about.

Cost- paperback, colour cover. $20AUD plus p&p.
Sample chapters free to read. pdf format:
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Title: Bottle of Jin D.N.O
Genre: SF/fantasy
Author- Yvon Hintz

Maggie and Razeel live, not just worlds, but dimensions apart. 
By performing  a dangerous ritual...


he hopes to reach her plane of existence where he believes he will acquire immense power and wealth. He knows there is a danger of being held captive on the other side but considers the risk worth taking for the possible reward. He believes he will be more than a match for any human who dares to try to hold him.
All Maggie wants is a quiet life. She believes she is finally learning to live in calm and serenity but from time to time things happen that make her feel she needs a drink to calm her nerves. 
The day she goes looking for a drink and takes the top off an old crystal decanter is the day her serene life is disrupted  by the appearance of a handsome and unusual young man.

Cost- paperback. Colour cover. $15 AUD plus p &p.

Ebook- pdf version free to read. Download pdf

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Title: The Mobius Construct
Genre: SF
Author- M Dahlberg

The Möbius Construct is a space station near a Star Jump which can take travellers to other galaxies and star systems. But it shouldn’t exist.
After an attack by the aggressive Heebies, survivors abandon ...


ship and head for safety in the nearest star system.

A malfunction sends their life craft into a dangerous uncharted area of space. They finally make a landing on the massive space station known as the Möbius Construct. But this cannot be possible.  

Five hundred years previous, the Heebies destroyed the Möbius Construct. The AI in charge of their life craft is unable to explain what has happened. The threat from the Heebies is still very real and something they must face. And then there’s Kyri, the Caretaker of the space station. Just who is she? What is her connection with one of their number?

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Title: In Mem'ry of the King
Genre: Alternative history/history
Author- M Dahlberg

Richard lll – the murderer of small children, or unjustly maligned by his successors? But what if he had won at Bosworth?


Richard lll reigned for less than three years, 1483 to 1485. However, millions of words have been written about him and he has his own ‘fan club’ – the Richard lll Society. We all know all about him, don't we – hunchback, murderer, usurper? Or do we?

A great deal of what we ‘know’ about Richard is hearsay or unproved. This collection of pieces explores various facets of the story.

Chapters 1 – 3: The Beaufort Solution. What if Richard lll had won at Bosworth? (Alternative History)
Chapter 4: A Right Royal Frame Up (A somewhat chatty discourse on Richard)
Chapter 5: Proof by Guilt: Science Fiction
Chapter 6: Margaret Beaufort (mother of Henry Vll)
Chapter 7: The Face of Evil
Chapter 8: Suggested Readings

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Title: Blood Dragons
Genre: SF/horror
Author- Yvon Hintz

On the far away world of  Maddicore people tell the  story of Muren who saved her people, of Ethawn who lived with  blood dragons ...


and  of the Smoke Man who came to save everyone  from the attacking alien race of Ayas.

The  legends  called  them heroes- mighty
warriors with greater than normal strength and courage- but legends don’t always get it right. They were just people.

Legends are born when ordinary people
do extraordinary things.

Cost- Paperback, colour cover- $20AUD plus p&p

Ebook- pdf format. Free to read. Download pdf

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Unwanted Sympathy

Title:Unwanted Sympathy
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Author- M Dahlberg

When Slade was a teenager, he murdered a man. After that it got easier. It was even a way of making a living.


Few people enjoy their encounters with Gregor Slade; many indeed do not survive it. He is a killer and efficient at the job, believing himself to have no human weaknesses. He’s wrong. There are people he lets himself get close to, even when he knows he’s making a mistake.

In Australia, Slade joins forces with Kel Martin, to whom he is indebted since their meeting in Slade’s adolescence. They and others work again the government. A small group led by Leif Dorran opposes their activities.

When an old friend returns, Slade must make choices about his future; who must die for him to survive?

Cost- free ebook. pdf format. Download pdf

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meredith and the brigadier
Title: Merdith and the Brigadier
Genre: SF
Author- M Dahlberg

When Meredith Dane returns to her home in the small country town of Karrelin, after a weekend away, she finds the town deserted.


No people and no animals. Have they all been abducted by aliens?

Then she realises she’s not quite alone after all – and she cannot leave…
What has happened to the people of Karrelin? Maybe it’s not quite such a daft idea that they’ve been abducted by aliens. But why? And where?

When the Army arrives to investigate the fact that Karrelin is cut off from the world Brigadier Lucas discovers an amazing fact about Meredith.
And the aliens? Read on, and find out.

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