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Jehni Thomas-Wurth

All her life, Jehni has had a love for books and the written word. In her mid-teens, she encountered the BBC TV series Blake’s 7, and started producing her own work as well as reading that of others. After making contact with other fans, she continued writing and in conjunction with Narrelle Harris, produced at least four fanzines. This was back when zines were produced on paper and required considerable effort and talent. 'Out of the War Zone' and 'Postscripts' focussed upon the characters of the series V.

She also provided much positive feedback and encouragement to her other writing friends – and still does!

Her book 'The Angles of Cats', like much of Jehni’s writing, tends to fantasy and SF, but she often draws upon real life for her characterisations. Her friends are not surprised to see themselves reflected in her writings – in fact they love it!

'The Angles of Cats' started life as a script but turned into a novel. During Script Frenzy of 2011 however, Jehni took the opportunity to turn it back into a script.

She is involved in animal welfare issues and campaigning for Animals Australia and WSPA and is happy for anyone who would like to read her book to donate to Animals Australia or WSPA.


Angles of Cats

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Review from Lulu: By Lois Rae Clare Rasmussen

"Jehni Thomas-Wurth has written an Australian Original! Just when you thought you might know what was happening next in the The Angles of Cats, the novel surprises you again and again. Her characters are well rounded, happily imperfect, realistic and sympathetic. The language is poetical and reads with crystal clarity, fresh and Australian (By Australian, read comfortable, because you don't have to keep translating nouns and issues from another country's culture). The plot twists and turns intriguingly. Delightedly I followed the characters' perambulations through the many time eras and aeons and was entertained the whole way, with the good advice from David, Lia and her child as they each follow their own paths to the heartily satisfying denouement. I highly recommend this as a GOOD READ! "

Exerpt from 'The Angles of Cats'-

...It was Thursday morning, and Neika was lying stretched out in front of the TV, watching her way through the early morning news program.  A segment introduced itself with the heading of “Industrial strike looms” and after some internal debate she scratched a mark in the “bad news” column of her notepad.  She decided she really needed a column for “couldn’t-care-less news”.  Elbowing  the border collie away from her side she looked up the TV again, where a large long haired cat lay stretched out on top, its tail flicking lazily in front of the screen like a bushy windscreen wiper.

“Beat it, Mugwump,” she said, aiming a ball of paper at him.  “This is supposed to be educational.”

Mugwump properly ignored her.  But the program was coming to a close anyway, and she prepared to pack up her homework.  About to thumb the TV’s remote control, her attention was caught by the last comment of the announcer.

“... and the unfortunate - or perhaps extremely lucky - man was fished from Bass Strait at least 10 kilometres from the Tasmanian coastline.”

The amused face of the morning news show host was replaced by a very wet and bedraggled looking David Bradshaw, blanket pulled around his shoulders, dark hair plastered to his head, eyes hollow and lips compressed in what Neika couldn’t know was a rather nasty combination of sea sickness, exhaustion and hangover.  Neika’s mouth dropped open.


Lia was used to being yelled at and ignored her at first so Neika missed the next part of the report in a mad dash down the corridor.  The reporter on the scene went on to gleefully recount how the clumsy passenger had managed to fall overboard yet again, and was rescued a second time a day later by the same fishing trawler, on its way to the same fishing grounds.   By the time Neika had dragged her mother into the lounge room, the report had, of course, finished.

“It was him,” Neika insisted, almost jumping up and down on the spot.  “Mr Bradshaw.  He fell into the ocean, and he’s back here in Tasmania!”

Lia regarded her daughter with concern.  It worried her that Neika had no strong male figure in her life, only the idealised fantasies of a dead father.  She thought of the fraught relationship with Devin and decided perhaps the fantasy was not altogether a bad thing.  No, unfair, unfair.  Who knew how children would have changed Dev... it had certainly expanded her own horizons in ways she never expected.  And who knew where that relationship would have gone if only... well, there were enough ‘if only’s in her life.  Move on.