Moira Dahlberg

Moira Dahlberg (aka Ariom Dahl) started writing in primary school and remembers reading ‘compositions’ aloud to the class. She wrote a few (mostly terrible) short stories including fan fiction for Bonanza and Wagon Train in her teens but very little after that for some years.

While living In Nannup she was local correspondent for the Busselton Margaret Times and was paid a cent a line!
Her first novel length story grew from several short stories focusing on the character of Gregor Slade, who is most certainly NOT a nice person! ('Unwanted Sympathy')

After watching the BBC series Blake’s 7, Moira started writing fan fiction again and produced, over a period of nearly thirty years, more than seventy stories, many of which appeared in fan publications including two she herself produced.

With grandchildren on the scene, Moira started writing stories for young children. She wrote and had published three teaching aids; two sets of creative writing cards and a booklet on homophones. She has also had published in a small WA magazine a short alternative history story about Richard lll. To her delight, she was actually PAID for it! 

She has belonged to several writing groups and currently runs a creative writing group for the U3A in Busselton. Each semester the group produces several collections of stories, which she prints into A4 booklets for group members.

For the past five years Moira has belonged to the Authonomy website and during that time has received and given advice on writing. Her novella Amelia is on the site and has done very well there, reaching the Editors Desk for a review. She has also participated in the NaNoWriMo activity in November and completed the necessary 50 000 words three times. ('Secondhand Secrets', 'Meredith and the Brigadier', and 'The Mobius Construct')

At the age of sixty-five, she writes for fun, not profit, so her books will appear on this site free of charge. However, she always appreciates feedback.

Some of Moira's novels-

  • Amelia
  • The Mobius Construct
  • Unwanted Sympathy
  • and more!

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Comments from Authonomy members-

" The author cleverly builds Amelia's character so the reader sees only an elderly woman with too much time on her hands and nosey, very nosey in a seemingly courteous, sympathetically pleasant and harmless way. In my mind she was developing into a sort of non-sleuthing Miss Marple. But there is so much more to Amelia, more than you could even begin to imagine."

"Amelia is an unexpected protagonist who happens to be a retired teacher, a lover of books, and keeps a pistol with her in her car. She also has a heart for down-and-out kids. And she has a Past."


Extract from 'Amelia'

....Call me old fashioned if you like, but there are a few words I really dislike. I particularly dislike having them directed at me. This boy used three of them. Several times. He wasn’t at all imaginative, and what he suggested was physically impossible.
I didn’t lose my temper; I’ve practised reining it in for so many years not to lose control.
He didn’t know that. I suppose, when I reached into my pocket, he thought I was fumbling for a mobile phone. His eyes widened when I pulled out a pistol and pointed it at him.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Davy scrabbling at the fallen rat cage. His two attackers stopped in their tracks.
“Ah – chill out, lady.” The boy dropped his knife and put out his hands defensively. “We didn’t mean nothin’, really.”
“Hmm.” I wasn’t impressed. His companion blinked at me.
“Uh  ... a gun! Shit, lady –”
I suppose Clint Eastwood would have said something along the lines of ‘Go on, punks. Make muh day.’ However I was tired and irritable and all I wanted was to go home. These two were a most unwelcome complication. Irrationally, I was angry with Davy for having got himself into a situation like this. What was he doing out alone at two in the morning? I needed to pay his parents a visit and have a word with them. Preferably armed. ...