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Screnziers Writing Group.

Script Frenzy was the script version of National Novel Writing Month, better-known as NaNoWriMo, where participants use November's 30 days to try to write 50,000 words of prose (a short novel, or series of short stories, or part of a longer novel). For the participants in Script Frenzy the challenge was to attempt to write a script of 100 pages or so during the month of April.

We came together for meetups to chat and offer support to each other during Script Frenzy in 2011 and found we liked each other's company so much that we continued to meet on a semi regular basis to talk about our ongoing projects.

For a while the group had no name. We considered several including 'The Angry Socks' from the name of a laundromat (now renamed) in Waroona. (It just appealed to us.) But we consistently called ourselves 'Screnziers' or 'Frenziers' and the name stuck.

We meet approximately once a month at a location agreed on by all in a flurry of messages. We have something to eat, talk about our current projects and then get down to... try to get down to doing some writing. Some of us are more successful than others.


Screnziers Writers' Retreat at Cressey Cottage in Denmark. November 2015

Friday 13th November. 22 Harper Street, where we were to stay, was cleverly hidden at the end of a driveway that didn't look like a driveway… but thanks to Emily's instructions we all managed to find our way.

Cressey Cottage front door and inside

Cressy Cottage looked so cute and neat from the outside and when we went inside we found it just as nice there. There were plenty of beds to choose from and lots of nooks for writing. The cottage, made of stone, with polished timber floors, was cool inside and outside there was a verandah that overlooked a hillside of tall trees with water in the distance. The layout of the cottage was unusual but we liked it. The kitchen wasn't very big so we tried to not be all in there at the same time!

While waiting for Tim to arrive, Amy, Emily and I had a cuppa then sorted foods away and I made a start on the lima beans stew I planned to cook for that night. Em and Amy went into Denmark to pick up some extra food and other bits. Anne-Marie- Emily's friend and the owner of the cottage-  came while they were away. Lovely, bubbly lady- very hospitable. She showed me where things were and breezed out again!

Tim turned up and we had dinner. After deciding on times for some serious writing the next day we went to our respective rooms and got some sleep. Everyone said they spent a comfortable night.

Saturday 14th November.
We were all up fairly early. We boiled the kettle for a cuppa and it was just as well we did that when we did because the power went out soon after and was off for most of the day!  Just to be awkward my laptop decided to run out of power. Tim, Amy and Emily had some cold breakfast but we all wanted a cuppa as well so we decided to go into town to look for a café with a power point we could use. Raven's, on the corner on the site of an old garage, looked nice but the only power point available didn't have enough seats nearby. The Tea House bookshop also looked nice but there were no seats near a pp, so we walked farther on to Mrs Jones. That was nice… we got a wide, soft couch (Squishy, Em said.) and I was allowed to use a nearby power point. It was rather hot in the café and I was right beside a big lamp that had three huge, hot lights on it… but I wasn't going to leave that spot and the supply of power.

We thought about having 'second breakfast'.  Amy fancied the 'bloody mary' on the menu but not if it had vodka in it. I suggested that it was probably a 'virgin mary' but she said she wasn't going to ask for one of those! Apparently it can have vodka or not… as you please. We all had drinks of various kinds.
The power was still off when we got back so we had a cold lunch then took ourselves off to various nooks to do some writing. Tim sat on the verandah at the back where he said there was an occasional breeze. He was working on his Dad's manuscript. I tried it there for a while but found that it was actually a tad cooler in the downstairs lounge where Emily had set herself up on the lounge. I had to grin to see her resting back on the cushions almost horizontal as she was typing. She said that it wasn't a comfortable typing position but good for resting! She was working on an interactive game  and wanted to 'get the bedroom finished'. Amy said that she had some cryptic crosswords that needed her attention.

By evening there was still no power and it got very hot, wind still and muggy. We decided to get out for a while and go for a walk down the hill. We had a nice wander up and down the shore of the inlet, taking photos and admiring the twisted tree trunks.

Panorama of Wilson Inlet
When the power eventually came back on the first thing we did was to put the kettle on. Tim elected to cook dinner for us that night. He put on Gerard Finzi's 'Concerto for Clarinet and Strings' as he worked and we listened to it. I found it varied and lovely… if a touch sad. I put my photos onto the laptop and they looked good. I took one really nice photo of Emily… but saw that there were hanging twigs right in front of her face!  A second photo turned out better. Dinner was mashed sweet potato, quinoa, and a tvp mix that was nice except that the new container of kelp that Tim used was particularly strongly flavoured and the seaweediness of it didn't blend well with the other flavours. In spite of that it was still a nice, hearty meal.

It was a very wind still evening. Very quiet. While we were talking in the lounge we started to see lightning in the distance. I walked in after my shower wearing my Star Trek dressing gown. That was admired then they noticed the tattoo on my ankle. I started so explain it saying: "Jehni and I decided to…" and everyone asked at the same time: "Our Jehni?"  Yes... our Jehni. Not for the first time we all wished she could have been with us.

There was an amazing storm that evening shortly after we went to bed… great strokes of lighting and thunder right overhead. It was good to be in a lovely, sturdy little stone cottage. I tried to get some video of the lighting but did something wrong with my new camcorder and never got a thing… so I photoshopped the view from my window to recreate one lighting strike that I saw. Lightning strike recreated
Sunday 15th November
After tidying up we settled down on the verandah for one more writing session before we left. Tim completed the first draft of the manuscript he was editing and Emily, Amy and I got a good amount done.  While we worked  we had a little wren visit us on the edge of the verandah and saw more hopping about on the ground including one male in his bright blue feathers.

Emily, Amy and Tim busy writing
We packed our gear, and after last coffees at Raven's we said our goodbyes and headed for home. It had been an enjoyable stay at a very nice location.

Packing the car

And just in case you were wondering where I was... here's a photo of me that Emily took down by the water:
Yvon by the water.

video icon Short video of the weekend.

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