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Sunday 14th September

One Act Play workshop in Adrienne's home.
We were not all free for this, but as Emily was up from Albany for the long weekend and Amy, Adrienne and I (Yvon) were free it was too good an opportunity to miss to get together and talk about writing one act plays.

We had learned from Jehni (who was working that Sunday unfortunately) that the Roleystone Theatre was looking for one act plays.

None of us knew about the subject but Adrienne had some good books that would help so we thought we would give it a try. The first task of course was to think of a subject.

Adrienne had a wonderful idea which she called 'The Emperor's New Test'. As she explained it, it was funny and we all thought it would be wonderful to see.

Amy spent the first part of the workshop hiding behind her laptop screen saying she was had no idea what to write. But by the end of the afternoon she said she had an idea.

Emily actually wrote something! Unlike the rest of us who were still mostly playing with ideas, she worked quietly away and produced three and a half pages of a play to be called 'Pascal's Little Flutter'.

I had a couple of ideas, one based on a short story I had written a long time ago. My concern was that I couldn't see how it could be staged in one act. However Emily made a very good suggestion that I believe can solve the problem.

Emily, Yvon with one of Adrienne's useful books, and Amy.

One act play workshop 1

One act play workshop 2

Adrienne in front of her wonderful bookshelves.

Sunday 14 May 2013

Screnziers met at Genesis in the Hills to farewell Emily who was soon to leave to go and live in Albany. Jehni, Amy, Lois, Yvon and Emily made up the group. Not a lot of writing got done but we did have a good talk and enjoyed some excellent food.
Over our meal we talked about stories and... inevitably... words- in particular, unusual words. Emily mentioned having adopted the word 'boscaresque'. We promptly decided that the setting for the Genesis restaurant was a good example of the word. We also talked about other words- pandiculation, perpendicular, and permabulations and Lois and Yvon made the laughing suggested they might all be brought together in a poem.
We discussed a new name for the website, changing its name from Netsmart Community to something more reader and writer related. As as lot of our writing activities seemed to run alongside food related activities a number of gustatorial names were suggested. We couldn't find an official collective noun for a bunch of writers so we started to make up some of our own. Some of the ideas included: a 'legend of writers' and an 'anthology of authors'. Eventually we liked and laughed over a 'lunch of writers'.

emily and gensis meals

Two of the meals we enjoyed and Emily with the soup she ordered.

Jehni once again played photographer, taking some very nice shots with her phone.

Sunday 26 May.

Our meet up was held at Jehni's home... a lovely location up in the hills. We all enjoyed the view from the top verandah as we set out our lunch. Everyone had contributed a dish... some savoury, some sweet... mostly vegetarian. It was a feast for the eyes and the tongue. After several such banquets, one of the group suggested we should call ourselves the Perth Food Fanciers Group.

We all enjoyed the meal but then... we were good!... we did get down to some serious writing. Lois found that being in the home of a librarian suited her very well as Jehni produced not one, but a stack of dictionaries and Thesauri to aid her. It was interesting to learn what everyone was working on and to also show off the bones of this new website to the group.

From left: (inset- Jehni- who took the photo) Amy, Emily, Lois, Yvon (at front) Adrienne and Tim.

screnziers may

Sunday 2nd March 2014

Emily came all the way from Albany to be part of our catch up. It was wonderful to see her again and to hear that she has settled in well to her new home and job.
Genesis in the hills was once again our lunch place of choice. They have such wonderful food.

Later we went to Jehni's place to... laughingly... do some work. I think some of us did. We also made contact with Tim and Lois on Skype

Screnziers with Lois and Tim March 2014

From top left (on the Skype logo) Lois and Tim. From lower left: Adrienne, Amy, Jehni, Emily and Yvon.

Sunday 17th August 2014-

Amy, Jehni, Tim, Adrienne, Patricia, Moira and Yvon at the MillPoint Caffé Bookshop. Yvon behind the camera.

Mill Point Caffe Bookshop

The MillPoint Caffé Bookshop is a great location for writers to meet. There are books all around... so we all felt right at home... and the food is wonderful.

Patricia is a friend of Adrienne's from Paris. She is a teacher and has been here for five weeks with a group of students. She said they had all had a great time and all loved Perth- as she did. It was lovely to meet her.

Moira, our friend and honorary Screnzier was up from Busselton. It was lovely that she was able to join us for this meetup. She always has interesting things to tell us about her writing group.

The Screnziers might have a new name. During the meet up Jehni told us that the Roleystone Theatre are always on the lookout for new, one act plays. Some of us like the idea of writing one act plays but where to start? Adrienne said that she had some good information and ideas on the subject and invited us to her place later in the year to work on them and see what we can come up with. And the new name? The One Act Wonders.

Thinking about it.....