Some of our authors have their own websites.

If you would like to learn more about them and the other things they do, follow these links.

From time to time we might also add information on other tasty website to this page.


Ariom's Bookshelf- website of Moira Dahlberg.

In it you will find:
Stories for Children
A Writing Journal for Primary School Students
Fiction and non fiction for Grown Ups
And two collections of stories from Moira's Monday Writing Group

Black Dragon's Den- website of Yvon S Hintz

In it you will find: Original art featuring- dragons, unicorns, landscapes and other odds and ends.Short stories, longer stories, articles on interest, humour and an introduction to Half Horse aka the Quinolan Qhronicles.

Half Horse- the Quinolan Qhronicles.

This site will introduce you to the world of Half Horse... a story in six books, read and loved by many all over the world. If you would love to escape this workaday world, or if you love horses- this could be the story for you. Have a look and a free read. But be warned... this story is known to be addictive!