Yvon has been writing stories since she was a child. She began her epic Half Horse series when she was nineteen. She is also an artist who creates her own book covers and illustrates her some of her stories. She loves Science Fiction, cats, dragons, travel and watching movies and documentaries.



Some of Yvon's novels-

  • Half Horse- The Quinolan Qhronicles. (Twelve books)
  • Hyper Space Key Trilogy: Skypuddle, Arim's Dark Star, Hyper Space Key.
  • Blood Dragons
  • Bottle of Jin D.N.O.
  • and more!

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Visit Yvon's own websites: Black Dragon's Den and Half Horse

Comments on two stories from a recent reader:

"I absolutely love the Half Horse series, the characters, the scenery described makes you feel like you are there.  It’s great finding out what new situations the characters can get themselves into. I like the way it all works out in the end.  I don’t want it to end.  Hope you keep writing more.  I’m close to finishing Book 10.  Would love to know more about the deserted city behind the closed door.  Maybe that’s explained in Book 11.

I encouraged a friend at work to read it and because she was so busy she gave it to her son to read.  He insisted that she had to buy the other books for him.  She is going to read them too.

Thanks for getting me hooked.- Thea Hanson."

"PS – Really loved “Wind Gods” too. The whole story is exciting and keeps you on edge.  And the twist at the end is unexpected.  The characters come to life and are very realistic.  A great concept."

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